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I’m an expert and emerging scholar in communication, media, the Internet, and society. In particular my dissertation thesis deals with social media, online valorisation processes, and privacy as an ethical problem. I have given various public talks and published acedemic and political articles on these topics.

Currently I’m serving in the research project “Social Networking Sites in the Surveillance Societies” (www.sns3.uti.at) that is funded by the Austrian Science Fund. Previously I was research associate and lecturer at the University of Salzburg’s communication department (media economics research group), were I also studied. Due to my education and previous activities I could enhance profound skills in conceptualising and conducting empirical social research.

My activity emphasis until now was and is in academia (university and independen research organisations). However, I’m very interested and looking forward to practical application of my knowledge and I’m willing to learn about new and related fields. In this context politics (communication, media, and net politics), NGO’s (lobbying, public relations, etc.), as well as corporations in the communication, media, and Internet industry are imaginable for instance.

Beside these fields I have experience and ongoing engagements in education and education politics (see for instance my co-edited volume “Bildung MACHT Gesellschaft” (Education, Power, Society; http://www.dampfboot-verlag.de/buecher/876-5.html).